My Story

I’m Jackie. I am a mother to two precious girls and just recently finding my legs in this great world of running. I ran my first half marathon on February 9th in Houston, TX. This is my journey as I daily take a leap of faith and find my way. My relationship with the Lord is always first and foremost in my life, He is my sustainer, my strength.

I struggled for many years with an eating disorder and have overcome that struggle. Part of the battle will always remain, but as the days pass by and new goals come on the horizon I am constantly making that voice of my past smaller and smaller. When someone tells me I can’t, I will prove them wrong. There was a day when I told myself I could never beat this, and I have proven myself wrong. My fierce determination is my strongest asset.  The Lord has been gracious to give me a stubborn spirit….I will fight till the bitter end for what I want, what I believe in, and who I love.

This is my story, I am an overcomer.


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