Maybe a Marathon?

So I commented on my Facebook page awhile back with this post:

“You know that place where, for a whole variety of reasons, you come to the realization that a marathon isn’t in your best interest in this season. Yeah, I’m there. After much struggle and internal strife I made the decision to switch to the half for this January and while a little sad, I am also al ot relieved. There are many more times to run a marathon. My kids are only little once, only high maintenance once (wait, who are we kidding?!?) and I know that my marathon debut is still on the horizon…..just maybe not this January. I’m at peace with this decision….and still excited for the several races I have between now and then. I’ll be the best where I am and at what I’m doing, that’s all I can ask for.”

That’s where I was then….writing out the 18 week training protocol for the marathon plan I had chosen…and I felt defeated. The 6 days a week of running would work if I didn’t have kids, or if I had kids and had a husband who worked a normal 40 hour week, or if I had a nanny. πŸ™‚ I am not complaining at all, I wouldn’t trade where I am, staying at home with my girls for anything. My husband is an amazing provider and in this season of our life has a crazy work schedule with unpredictable hours and sporadic travel involved. I am fine with all this…it was just when I put pen to paper and saw the hours and the miles that training for a marathon would require, I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t want to put in just what I could and end up injured, or sacrifice my role as mom and wife when this is a choice. So I made the decision to change to the half which required much less miles and hours of my life for the next 4 months.
Well that was fine and good, except I couldn’t convince my heart to let go of the dream of running the Houston Marathon this January. So I went online and started researching again. Then I came across Hal Higdon’s Marathon training plans that only call for 4 days of running each week. (This is the same basic plan I used to complete my first half marathon in February of this year.) I started feeling hopeful and then I sat down with my calendar from Oct-Jan again and plotted out this training plan. I felt encouraged, hopeful even. I saw that I could move around a few things and do all my time intensive runs while my kids are in school, which only left a short run that could be done early before they are up on Saturdays….and lo and behold I could be both mom and runner πŸ™‚ My heart was happy. BUT….I didn’t want to set myself up for failure so I made a deal with myself and that is where I am today. Here’s my current plan…
I am going to continue on with training for the full marathon using the new plan I found. When I get to December (which is where the 18 & 20 mile training runs take place) I will see how those runs go, see how I feel at that point. I have until December 31 to switch to the half, so I think that if I can get through those two BIG runs, I’ll know if I am prepared to run the marathon on this plan, or if I should switch to the half. My heart is in the full…but I am going to be smart and keep my priorities (mainly my husband, children, and health) at the forefront and continue on as far as I can make it…maybe all 26.2 miles. But if not, there is next year πŸ™‚ I will do it and that makes me feel better.
So thats where I sit for now….I’ve completed the first three weeks of training and am in week 4 as we speak. Anxiously awaiting Houston’s weather to consistently stay cool so I can enjoy the runs as much as I did this weekend when the temps dropped. Come on FALL!! πŸ™‚


One thought on “Maybe a Marathon?

  1. You have to do what is right for you and your family. When it is all said and done while running a Marathon is also on my bucket list, it is not at the top. You have your priorities straight and the bottom line is that while running a marathon is an amazing feat, being a mom to your kids is even more amazing:) Good luck on what ever path you take and just enjoy the journey.

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