#fuelyourbetter (Vega Sport Protein Bar Review)

Thanks to my great partnership in the Sweat Pink Ambassador Program, I was able to try our Vega Sport’s protein recovery bars in chocolate peanut butter flavor. I love trying to energy and recovery products. I work out often and hard and want to make sure I am fueling my body as well as possible. There are many times when leaving the gym or coming home from a run I do not have time to sit down for a recovery meal, so a bar is a great option. 


I tried to #fuelmybetter through using these bars after a hard workout. I can honestly say the taste is delicious, I felt like I was treating myself to an indulgence, and it was food for me. The upside to a recovery bar, vs a shake, is that it has a little more “sticking” power for my stomach. I hate feeling so hungry shortly after a workout. I ate these bars on several occasions and felt pleasantly full until it was time for my next meal. 

The day after a hard workout I am usually ready for my rest, but I was able to keep up my energy and not feel sluggish, I think the combination of ingredients in these bars definitely helped. 

These bars are a great combo of ingredients Vega Sport Protein Bars contain:

15 g complete, multisource, plant-based protein
2.5 g BCAAs
2 g glutamine
1 g Omega-3
27g carbs
260 calories

I allowed a few other people to try these bars out as well and they were all satisfied with the taste and texture, as I was. I am glad that I was able to review the bars and know that I can #fuelmybetter with smart choices that help me reach my goals. 


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