Sometimes we have to change our expectations

I am heading to Dallas this weekend for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon on Sunday……and I am SICK! It started last Saturday with a few sneezes and after heading to the doctor for a quick check up and a Z-pack, I’ve continued to get worse. I have ZERO voice, its just a whisper. I am alternating between blowing my nose, sneezing, and occasionally having a coughing fit. You can only imagine how well running 13.1 miles in this state is going to go. I occasionally have one side of my nose I can breathe out of, so that will help in the running, maybe?!?


So in the midst of this, I’m having to realize that just like so often in life, things are out of my control. I have trained strong and hard for 18 weeks to get here. I’ve put in the hours, the miles, the heart….but this circumstance, this being sick, is completely out of my control. So I am trying to convince myself to view this 13.1 miles as a great training run, with new scenery, and use it to build up to my D.C. race in 5 more weeks. Its not the worst thing in the world. I will still run it, I will still cross the finish line, I just won’t be able to push my limits or chase a PR. I can handle that. 


Like most disappointment in life, it happens, we can’t avoid it, but we CAN choose to see it in the most positive light possible. We can choose to run the race that is set before us with the endurance that is afforded us, and we can do our very best. My goal is just to finish. I know the time will bother me, but I have to be okay with it. A good, strong training run can make me stronger and more prepared for my next race, and all things working together….maybe I’ll PR there. Life happens, you just have to roll with it…and I am. 


8 thoughts on “Sometimes we have to change our expectations

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re sick but hey, I love your attitude and know that you’ll finish and surprise yourself at how well you’ll do!!! You’re body is trained for it!! Despite not feeling the best, I hope you have some fun!!!

  2. So sorry to hear your under the weather. Like you said, life happens. No matter if you PR or not, you’ll have many many other chances in your life to get it. Keep your head up & just go into the race with pure confidence.

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