What’s in store for you weekend?

Happy March everyone. Here in Houston all things Rodeo are kicking off and my mouth is watering thinking of the rodeo foods that are out there. I won’t be heading over there this weekend, but very soon I’ll be taking my kids to enjoy all the festivities that the Rodeo offers. We Texans have a deep love for our Rodeo, it’s like the whole city transforms for a month, I love it.


Me & my girls on a sunny day here in Texas

Today I am gearing up for a 10 mile slow training run…3 weeks from tomorrow is my next half marathon (the Rock & Roll 1/2 in Dallas.) I have been doing great on my schedule and even squeezed in an extra run this week, along with my normal training run. It’s been trial and error figuring out training with 6 weeks between the two races. For the most part I took a couple of days off after my first race and then picked back up with the schedule I’d been following, running my long runs a little longer than the first time around. I am hoping this will help with endurance as I eat the hills on my next race 🙂

The weather is crazy around here lately….going from 30’s to 70’s and back again. So I am going to get out there and get it done before it gets rainy and cold again. I hope you all enjoy this wonderful weekend. ENJOY!!

What’s your training look like this weekend?

Are you training for a race or just running to run right now? 



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