Race Bib in hand….and the final countdown is here

shirt bib

I cannot believe it. After 12 weeks of sticking (mostly) to the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Training Plan, my first ever half marathon is days away. I officially have my race bib in hand (#739) and the reality is setting in. I have trained well for this one and regardless of how my times turn out on Sunday (yes, I know you aren’t supposed to set a time goal for your first half, but really, who can do that) I will proudly cross that finish line and you won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face. I will be that girl who slaps a 13.1 magnet on my car and proudly drives away, wearing my race medal for the rest of the day until I get home!

I have always been an extremely disciplined person. When I decided I want something, get out of my way, nothing will stop me from achieving my goals. I live in a world of black and white. I have never been able to stay in the gray areas well. I’m an all in kind of girl and in some areas of life, this is amazing…but there are plenty of areas that a little gray wouldn’t be so bad. This one however, running, is great to be an all in kind of person. I have stayed disciplined and managed to fit in each and every run, every week. Even with travel, holidays, “snow/ice” days (in Texas) and much more, I have kept going. It is funny to look back and the last 12 weeks and see how hard a 3 mile run once was, and how long that felt at the time and I now refer to a 5-miler as my “short” run. Long runs always used to intimidate me and now are a weekly run I look forward to, knowing that when I end back in my driveway I will have gone further than ever before with each increasing distance run.


I love challenges. This started out as an insurmountable challenge to me, as running and I had never quite become friends before. Even 12 weeks ago, I didn’t love running, well, there are days I still just like it, not love it, but more often then not nowadays I do LOVE it. I even anxiously look forward to my next run and schedule around it to make sure I can fit it in most days. I’ve waited for the elusive “runner’s high” to hit, and while I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten there, I have had incredible moments when my feet and the road have connected in a new way and my legs move effortlessly through the motions. Moments when I look up and watch the sunrise or the moon grow brighter. Runs when I leave my headphones behind and just listen to the noise around me. I have a regular meeting each Monday and Wednesday with a little lady who walks her small white poodle on the same stretch of sidewalk and every week she looks scared of me (however last week I got a smile from her, I think we are making progress.)  Running is giving me so much. It is a new skill that requires time, but it always gives me more back that it takes. What an amazing journey, and its only beginning.


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