My Training for my First Half Marathon

I’ve had several people ask me what my training looked like as I decided to tackle the half marathon. I researched online for several days and had a few criteria for a training plan as I did so. My biggest priority was finding a training plan that I could fit into my current lifestyle/schedule without taking away from my time I am home with my kids. My youngest is in PreK 3 days a week so I knew that I could always run on those days and then I could always take off for an early run on Saturday before my husband went to work or before the kids were up, so I ideally was looking for a 3-4 day a week running plan. I read great things about Hal Higdon’s training plans and looked into those and decided that would work best for me and my family. I started the Novice 1 plan back in November, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and it gave me exactly 12 weeks to half number one.


I have 5 weeks between my February and March half races, and 4 weeks between the March and April races. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll tackle the weeks in between, a lot will depend on how much recovery I need after the first race. I will wait and see. I’m hopeful that with a few days rest, then a few spin classes, I’ll be ready to go again within 4-5 days to jump back into running. I am so excited to see how my body performs on race day. I have put in the time, the training, the sweat, and yes, even the tears these past 10 weeks. 12 weeks seemed so far away at one point, but I have made good use of each week, never missing a run on any given week, even when traveling in NYC. Thanks for traveling this journey with me.


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