Training My Mind and My Body

I never knew that running was such a mental game. I knew that I had to train to become physically able to run, increasing endurance and stamina. I didn’t realize that my mind would quit on me long before my body did. Each run starts out rough, no matter how many miles I’ve run…mile 1 is always like I’m starting from scratch. It seems to take my body about a mile to figure out what we are doing  and get on board, then I’m good to keep going. However, my mind seems to think that I should turn towards home and go back some days. 


The battle between the two is so similar to our battle everyday here in life. It reminds of Paul when he said that he knew what he was supposed to do, yet his body did the exact opposite of what he wanted it to do. That inward struggle surfaces for me often in training. I have to mentally get myself in the run and push aside all the negative thoughts that insist on pushing their way into my head. I am learning a lot about myself on this journey of running. But the biggest thing I have learned, by far, is that I am capable of FAR more than I ever knew I was. Running is good for me. 


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